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NARBUTAS Silent Rooms (Acoustic Pods)

NARBUTAS Silent Rooms (Acoustic Pods)

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SILENT ROOM is the oasis of silence in a middle of a modern office. Thanks to this office solution, concentrating at work has never been easier as it enables employees to focus during phone conversations, video conferences or creative tasks without distracting others. SILENT ROOM ensures indoor air quality as well as acoustic and visual comfort for employees.

Open plan offices mean more space, more light, more freedom, and… more noise in the work environment. Every day, employees face increasing challenges in finding a quiet place to hold meetings, have phone conversations or simply focus on individual work. “A room within a room” is a simple way to keep noise distractions at bay and boost employee productivity.

SILENT ROOM acoustic pod ensures the right level of sound absorption which means that it blocks both incoming and outgoing noise.

Thanks to its air ventilation and lighting solutions, SILENT ROOM offers a productivity-boosting environment.

The pod is also assembled in Australia by SMAC Imports, a trusted and reputable name in the furniture industry. Customers can feel confident in their purchase with the NARBUTA's 10-years structural warranty, which covers any defects or issues with the pod's frame. Overall, the NARBUTAS Silent Room is a reliable and practical acoustic solution that is built to last.  


External Walls
Internal Acoustic Walls
Internal Front Walls
Internal Front Central Walls
Control Box
Product Range
Fabric + Fabric
Melanine + Melanine 
Fabric + Glass
Melanine + Glass

S : 302kg - 315kg
M : 448kg - 472kg
L : 675kg - 704kg
XL : 1292kg - 1365kg

Automatic Operations
Activation of Lighting & Ventilation
300secs Lights Dimming
180secs Refresh Time for Ventilation 
10mins Lights Turn Off
34 Colour Combinations
Certification ISO23351-1:2020 Compliant - Factory
Warranty 10 years Warranty

Production Details

Assembled in Australia. SMAC Imports is the Official Distributor of NARBUTAS Silent Rooms (Acoustic Pods)


Our SMAC design consultants are always ready to help. This is only a small preview of our entire imported furniture collection. For more information and options in regards to dimensions, fabrics and finishes, please reach out to SMAC via email or call us on our hotline. 

Care Information

Home / Office furniture should be cleaned every 2-4 weeks. A simple wipe down with a damp microfiber cloth would be sufficient.

Other maintenance that should not be forgotten. Although good regular cleaning certainly helps, properly maintaining your office furniture, such as checking levers are functioning properly and tightening bolts and screws every quarter, can significantly extend its life.

Furthermore, proper maintenance of your home or office furniture is good for the environment and your wallet!

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